You may want to export to increase sales and profit. In many developing countries, the rising income level is higher thus creating opportunities for more individuals to afford your goods.


Do you want to start selling to countries that need your products? Have you considered lowering your per-unit cost by utilizing your excess production capacity? What about extending your products life cycle by exporting to countries that don't have a similar product?

We can handle everything from loading the  containers to customs clearance. Our customer service team that can manage the administrative and scheduling details. This will ensure that your product is delivered at its destination on schedule.



Going Global can help you source the products you're looking for at an affordable price. There are many reasons you may need to look to offshore sourcing. It could be to reduce costs for your business or to enhance your own market competitiveness, either nationally or globally. Whatever your reason is, we can help you achieve your goals. 

Sectors we serve:

Mining (underground and surface)




If you have a specific product that needs to be sourced, we can find it for you.



As a business person you may have thought of international trade to lower your costs or to generate more income. There are a few key reasons why your business could benefit from import services.

Importing makes sense when you're faced with increased competition. A way to remain competitive is to source goods at a lower cost from manufacturers overseas.

You could use importing to identify new products or expand your existing product line. You can also access products or technologies from foreign suppliers. Sometimes the only way to lower your cost while achieving these goals is to utilize a country that has more economical resources at their disposal.

We handle the entire process from A-Z. Our customer service and logistics teams work closely to ensure your product is delivered to you on schedule right at your doorstep. 


Going Global is an offshore sourcing company that can help you source your products for less than what you are paying now!

You could be looking for a new supplier for a product you already order or you may just want to see what's out there.


Going Global can manage the process. We can source the product and have it delivered right to your door. We will take the time to listen to you - to what you want - we take a simple approach to business. 

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The most asked question is surrounding cost and volume. We know you want to keep costs down and not sacrifice quality. In the world of global sourcing there are many factors that will determine how much money it will cost per unit and volume plays a huge part.
Below are some sections that will give you a better understanding of how cost and volume is figured out. There are no quick answers to determine how much it would cost to make your project happen but is based on each individual client's needs.
Do you need a raw material to make your product? Does this product need to meet a certain specification? Is this material readily available outside of North America? What is the grade, class do you need to meet your specifications? There are many different grades of materials for you too chose from. Do you require top of the line or is a more economical material good enough? As you can see just in this section alone there are many variables that can affect the price. 
If you aren't sure what your product is made of we can help you with that. Simply explain to us that you need to send samples for analysis and verification. 
You will benefit from our service if your product requires  extensive labor to manufacture. The more time you have put into the product the more it will cost in the end. Think of the entire process to make your product; manufacture, inspect, package, load and ship. 
Whenever you order large quantities the price will be better than if you ordered smaller quantities. The goal is to always fill either a 20' or 40' shipping container to get the best price. Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) is a bargaining chip that we can use to leverage a better price.  Like a wholesale supplier you're trying to work on volume. The higher your Estimate Annual Usage (EAU) the lower the price.
One thing that may increase the overall cost of your order is if your product requires testing for proper function during a mass order. Another item that may increase cost is to have a 3rd party to inspect all product during the loading process. We recommend using an agency such as SGS (Société Général Surveillance). These quality testing and inspection services are sometimes necessary on certain products and will add a minimal cost to your overall order.
Manufacturers know that not every client will be able to ship their goods in standard cardboard boxes, so they offer a broad assortment of options. Here are a few of the most common types of packing materials used. You have lots of options and each can affect your landed price.
Crates and Pallets
No matter what kind of product you need to move, crates and pallets are an important part of the shipping and packaging process. They act as secondary wrapping and keep the actual goods safe until they are delivered. Pallets keep packages raised off of the surface they are sitting on—whether it is the ground or the bed of a delivery truck. Keeping products off the ground keeps the packaging in good condition, and protects against dirt and moisture.
The drawback of using crates and pallets in the shipping process is that it takes away from precious cargo volume. 
Shrink Wrap
Shrink wrap cad be used as both primary and secondary packaging. You can shrink wrap your actual product, like the shrink wrap around  a case of pop cans or a video game case. Shrink wrap keeps your packages together. It also provides puncture and abrasion protection. 
All three of these factors are on a a sliding scale. Your product might be faced with fees such as Full Container Load (FCL), Less Than Container Load (LCL), the constantly changing USD vs. CAD exchange rate and duties if they apply to your cargo you wish to import. 
You also have the option of expedited air freight. Both air and sea are good options depending on your times constraints. 
As you can see the cost of each order will vary depending on many factors. When you contact us make sure to give us as many details as possible so that we can give you the most accurate price possible. Outsourcing is not a quick process but can be very beneficial economically. Please contact us with any questions!

Place your order before the Chinese New Year!

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